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Antonio Robustelli

Foot Pressure Mapping in Sport Performance


Gareth Walton

Rehabilitation workshop


Dr Wendy Holliday

Bicycle Set up


Chris Allen

Biomechanics of running


Kim Buchholtz

Ready for running


Megyn Robertson

Vestibulo-Occular rehabilitation after concussion

Foot Pressure Mapping in Sport Performance: Practical Applications for Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement: Antonio Robustelli


The workshop will be mainly practical and we are going to show how to use sensorized insoles in sport performance, how to set-up hardware and software, what type of test to perform, how to analyse data outputs and how to use this data in association with manual foot biomechanics tests and assessments.


Biomechanics of running: Chris Allen


A large amount of research is being done on the effectiveness of using gait re-education to treat running injuries.  But is there a strong enough link between the research being done and what can be used in the clinical practice?  This lecture and workshop, show how best to incorporate the latest research into your practice.


Hosted by Sport Physio and SASP

In association with: SASMA, IFSPT, EIM and BASA

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